Does Dating mean Losing Independence?

"One thing I will NEVER do when I get a boyfriend is lose my independence."  *TWO MONTHS LATER* "You guys are gonna have so much fun at the concert tonight, wish I was coming too...but Jason said he didn't want to go. I think we're just gonna grab food instead."    Let's face it ladies, … Continue reading Does Dating mean Losing Independence?


Communication: The Key to your Relationship

Hair pulling, eyebrow raising, eye-rolling, and baffled expressions are all symptoms of faulty communication with our boyfriends. As girls, we've all experience one of those symptoms at least once in our relationship. The question is, why?  Simple. Communication breakdown. If you type in "definition of communication," into Google, this is what you will see: The imparting … Continue reading Communication: The Key to your Relationship

The ‘How To’ on Healthy Fighting with your Partner

I think we've all experienced or at least witnessed a couple that fights OUTRAGEOUSLY. Things go flying, names get called, and people start crying. I've witnessed the infamous wall-punch, the never ending stream of "you're a piece of sh*t,"and the sad but commonly witnessed screaming, ugly blubbering and yanking on each other's limbs (typically the arms). These are … Continue reading The ‘How To’ on Healthy Fighting with your Partner